Friday, 27 March 2015

"What We Ain't Got"

Home Free's latest video was released 10 days ago, and I can't really believe I haven't written about it until now. This is some of their best work in so many ways.

It is a cover of Jake Owen's "What We Ain't Got" (you'll find the video on his website). It is a song about realizing that we should appreciate and be grateful for what we have, because one day it might be gone. I had never heard the song before Home Free released their rendition, and I am in complete awe of it.

I really like Jake Owen's original a lot as well, as it turns out, it is raw and heartfelt, and simple. It doesn't have any unnecessary sounds in it. And the video stays true to that.

But then we have Home Free's version. It is even more raw and heartfelt, and it is pure vocals, even Adam is singing rather than beatboxing on this one. The harmonies are out of this world, the sadness and the emotions in every word, every sentence, can be felt in the depth of my heart.

The video deepens it even more. The look on their faces and the sadness in their eyes sets the foundation of the whole feel of it. The guys don't move in this video, they just sit or stand there, and sing, the camera does all the moving. And if you look carefully you will notice the things around them will disappear until there's nothing left. Chris, whose signature is his hats, loses it. Rob, who wears glasses, loses them.

I'm not sure what else to say about this video, except that you have to watch it, and listen to it (preferably with some nice headphones with a good bass).

After that, share it! Share this post! Spread the word! These guys are too awesome not to get a whole lot of more attention than they do, and also, we need them to do a world tour so please help out!

Happy Friday!



  1. You took the words right outta my mouth ( said like a southern usa girl lol )