Sunday, 22 March 2015

Music Sunday

It's Sunday again! I love Sundays, because I get to spend a lot of time surfing YouTube in the hunt for a music video to share here. Sometimes I already know which one I want, but sometimes I don't. Sometimes I change my mind and go with something other than planned.

Anyway, I've been feeling a bit under the weather, so to speak, for a while, but am starting to feel a bit better. I think it's allergies, so it's nothing serious.

So, back to Music Sunday! I had nothing planned for today, so I started the hunt. I've been listening to some of my favourite singers/artists, and also some new to me stuff. A lot of good music, but nothing that felt completely right. And so I decided to go with one of my favourites, when it hit me I should have a look in my likes playlist. That's where videos you have pressed like on end up, so it's easy for you to find. I scrolled down, past all my Home Free likes, and found this gem.

In Europe we have something called the Eurovision Song Contest in May every year since 1956. This is where ABBA got their big breakthrough when they won with the song Waterloo in 1974. Anyway, the ESC is a huge thing in a lot of countries, especially in Sweden. This is a night to gather your friends around, not because of the great music, but because of the fun of voting and discussing all the contestants. This year Australia will join us. Yes, we know Australia is no where near Europe, but the ESC is actually huge down under.

This is Malta's contribution in 2013. It's sung by a guy called Gianluca Bezzina, who is actually also a doctor. I like his voice, and I like the song. What do you think?

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!
I'm about to do some writing. A new story will be up within a couple of days.


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