Thursday, 31 March 2016

5 Reasons to Watch, 2

Welcome back!

Today's choice of video is one that speaks to the little girl inside of me, as well as to the music lover and the Disney lover that I am. This is a medley of Disney Princess songs. Evynne Hollens, wife of Peter Hollens from the latest post in this series, loves singing and she is very, very good at it, and in this video and song she showcases 14 Disney Princesses from Snow White in 1937 to Elsa and Anna, from Frozen, in 2013.

Here's my list with 5 Reasons to Watch;

Evolution of the Disney Princess with Evynne Hollens

  1. The songs - I love Disney songs! The arranger Nathan Alef has chosen the most catching and well-known parts of each song, and it makes this medley even more appealing to me because I don't really know the rest of the lyrics to most of them, but these parts I know so this song is just full of fun!
  2. The outfits - Seriously, if you are going to do a video where you sing 14 different Disney Princess songs you NEED 14 different Princess costumes. These were made especially for Evynne and you can find the link for the company that made them in the video information. All the costume are simply cool and fun! More fun!
  3. The make-up - I love the make-up in this video. It really enhances Evynne's beauty in so many different ways and I can without using my imagination see the Princess she is for every song. Whoever did it did a fantastic job!
  4. The edit - I think this edit is brilliant. All the Princesses are completely separate from each other in those squares, but at the same time they are all together when they all look at the one singing. I don't know how they did it but FifGen Films are masters as we already know, but without great filming by Merlin Showalter the brilliant editing couldn't have been this perfect. 
  5. Evynne Hollens - is certainly not the least on this list. There are so many things to say about her. First of all her voice; it is pure and clean and yet so full of emotions that I can hear the Princesses singing. Her eyes are just amazing and mesmerizing. She goes so much into character in each of the Princesses that I believe she is her, it shows in her eyes, on her face and in her whole body language. Ant then there's the joy - the joy is so contagious and I can see that she really loves doing this and it makes me happy.
There we have it. I love this video and medley and I will watch it over and over again for a long time to come.It makes me happy. Evynne also released a video of the full version of one of songs today, you can check t out here, but first go have a look at this video, and share it. Always share the videos and my posts. Help spread the music to the world. I believe it makes the world a better and happier place!

Also, you should totally head over to Evynne's YouTube channel! She has lots and lots of fun stuff there! Maybe you want to learn how to belt like a Disney Princess? Well, Evynne can teach you how to do it!

That's it from me for today. Let me know what you think of my list! 


A Thank You From My Son To Me

As you may already know last week was my birthday. You may also know that I have a very talented son who is a musician, a composer and a great piano player. A few years ago he made an arrangement on Happy Birthday to You as my Birthday present, and the following year he did another arrangement of it. Last year he composed a song, and this year he did too.

Now, I am a very lucky person and mother, because not everyone has songs especially composed for them, but I have two. How cool is that??

As you may also know I listen a lot to a cappella music, my son's music is the exact opposite and is instrumental, film score kind of music. I love how I can hear him grow as a human being and a person through his music, and this last song just blew me away.

I also do whatever I can support him on his path to leave his dreams, that means sharing his music with you and it also means supporting him on Patreon. I will also ask you to consider supporting him if you like what you hear. I would love for him to be able to focus on his music full-time without having to worry about money coming in. He is too good not to.

Honestly, any young man that honours his mother with a song like this should be helped in any way possible to follow his passions.

So, please, listen to the song called Thank You, consider supporting him, on Patreon and/or by sharing the song. The song will very likely be one of the tracks on an upcoming album.

And now I proudly present my son, Robin Lindberg! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

5 Reasons to Watch

Welcome to my first ever 5 Reasons to Watch Series!

In this series I will simply state 5 Reasons To Watch a certain music video of my choice. The reasons will of course very much be from my personal point of view and taste. The songs, artists and videos can be just about anything, but there will of course be a focus on Home Free's videos, as well as Chris Rupp's videos, but not only. 

My choice for the first video and song is one I haven't been able to stop watching and listening to since it's release almost 2 weeks ago. I actually wake up with this song in my head even if I haven't listened to it the evening before;

Misty Mountain with Peter Hollens featuring Tim Foust

Here are my 5 Reasons to Watch it;

  1. Peter Hollens - is an amazing artist with a spectacular voice and he is considered something of a YouTube phenomenon with his more than 1,3 Million subscribers. He collaborates with a lot of different, mostly independent and YouTube based, artists using his fandom and popularity to spread the music outside of the big labels. Most of the songs he releases are completely a cappella and except for the guest/featuring artist all sounds are made by Peter himself. Everything you hear in this video, except for Tim Foust, is Peter. That's just - wow!
  2. Tim Foust - the voice. That deep, full bass takes me to places I've never been before and it makes me want to go there over and over again. Having heard that voice live, having felt the rumbling all around and inside my body in real life makes me want to sit close by when he sings this. Holy Bass!! I want more of it!
  3. Tim Foust - the eyes. It's like he looks straight into the deepest corner of my soul and funnily enough brings light into it. They grab me, and keep me hooked all way through, and when he's not in picture I miss them. Sorry Peter, but Tim wins this one. I want more of them!
  4. The arrangement - by Tom Anderson - I've heard a few arrangements of this song and this is one of my favourites. It feels full and it satisfies me. It doesn't distract from the song, but enhances it. And even though I want more of that bass I also love Peter's voice and I think the two complements the other very well.
  5. The video - by FifGen Films - no surprise there really, everything they do turns out great and original. What they did with Tim for this video was amazing, they were able to bring out the darkness in him. Fun fact is that Peter's and Tim's parts were filmed thousands of miles apart at different times, in different countries. I wonder if they brought his clothes with them to location?

Obviously, you need to check out the video for yourself to be able to agree or disagree with my reasons. Do you have any more reasons that I haven't listed? (I have limited myself to 5, of course) Do you not agree with any of my reasons? Let me know in the comments below. 


Here's the video;

Monday, 21 March 2016

Chris Rupp is Moving on From Home Free to Shine on His Own

The world of the Home Fries were shaken at it's roots this past Friday, the 18th, when Home Free's founder and baritone Chris Rupp along with the rest of the Guys announced that he will be leaving the group in May. 

There are so many things to feel and think about this that is has taken me a few days to assemble my thoughts and feelings enough to be able to put it into writing. 

I would like to start with the announcement itself. The video. It is a very emotional Chris that tells us the news, clearly very taken by his decision, but underneath the seriousness, the sincerity, and the struggle to keep it together you can see the certainty, the joy and the excitement in his eyes. It was comforting and left at least me with the feeling that he knows what he's doing and that it is the right thing to do. The other Guys in the group all expressed their support of Chris' choice and they went on to announce and introduce the new addition to Home Free - Adam Chance, reassuring the world that they are not splitting up. 

Looking at the other Guys in the video I am taken by the pride in Chris' younger brother beat boxer Adam Rupp's eyes, the joy in high tenor Austin's eyes, the sadness in lead tenor Rob's eyes and the love in bass singer Tim's eyes when they look at Chris. It is clear that they all support him in this next step, as well as obviously being sad that he is leaving. 

Have a look for yourself and tell me your own thoughts and feelings;

It's been 15 years since Chris and Adam started Home Free and the group has been Chris' baby ever since. A baby that has grown up to be a teenager and it's now time for Chris to let that teenager grow into a grown up in it's own rights. Chris has spent his whole adult life nurturing, caring for, loving and struggle for the success of Home Free, and he has done an amazing job. He has often taken a step back from the spotlight to let the other Guys be there and he deserves to be there on his own. I have been following Chris' solo projects since he first announced them and the one thing that has struck me in every single Facebook Live or Periscope that he has done, and there has been a lot, is the joy, passion and energy he has shown for it. Watching the streaming from his release party for Shine I saw a Chris that was new to me. He was an artist taking his rightful place on stage; in the spotlight and he looked liked he belonged there. He had an energy and passion that I've rarely seen him have with Home Free (that's not saying he's not been passionate and energetic with them as well). Therefore, this decision came as no surprise to me. Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the right decision. For him and for Home Free. It would not be right to the group, to the other Guys, to himself or to the fans to stay when his heart and passion clearly is somewhere else. Also, Chris is not the type of person that will hold back on his dreams, if he had been he wouldn't have kept going with Home Free during the tough times in the past. To me, this was something that was due to happen at some point, and why not make that point right now when his solo career is at the verge of taking off and before Home Free hits that really big break that awaits them. Once they do it would have been a harder and a way more risky decision, and maybe that break would have been hold off by Chris not being fully commited. Chris has a solid fan base that keeps growing, so does Home Free. The timing, in my opinion, is perfect.

This is one of my favourite songs right now, and it's by Chris and it fits very well because it's all about Moving On;

I can't wait to hear what more amazing music we'll get to hear from Chris. (I know, you are still waiting for my review of Shine, and it's coming): I see a bright future for him!

So what about this new guy, Adam Chance? Well, he comes straight from the amazing a cappella group Street Corner Symphony who were the runner-ups in the Sing Off season 2 back in 2010. Even though Adam is his name he goes by Chance with the Guys of Home Free, so that is what we will call him too. Two Adams is one too many if you ask me so I'm grateful for that. And I like the name Chance, he looks like a Chance to me. Anyway, Chance was the bass singer for SCS, but he will take the baritone spot in Home Free, because he has an amazing vocal range as I understand it. I've only heard him sing in baritone during one song, but what I heard seems promising. He's got a warm, full voice with a twinge in it that I love. 

I'm eager and excited to hear what Chance will bring to the Home Free sound. Personally I'm hoping for a bass duett. Without taking anything at all away from the amazing Chris I hope and think that Chance is what Home Free needs to take them to that next level. Change is good sometimes, just look at what happened when Austin joined them?!

So where does this leave the Home Fries? Well, obviously very emotional. Lots of tears have been shed, some disappointment, some anger and a lot of fear has been expressed, but in the whole I've seen a tremendous amount of support and love going out to both Chris, Chance and Home Free. Honestly, once again, I'm proud to be a part of this amazing fan base. Most of us are both sad and excited. We mourn the Home Free that we know and love, but we are excited for what the future will bring us from both Chris and Home Free. I am confident their choice of replacement is a great one. There is excitement in the air as we welcome Chance to the Home Free Family.

Finally, I'd like to say something more about the announcement itself; I can't think of a more dignified way to announce something like this. It was honest, heartfelt, loving and perfectly set up from the beginning to the end. We got our hearts broken, we were ensured everything was as it should be, and we were brought into the future with excitement. Well done, Home Free and Chris! Well done! You are class acts both on and off the stage! Respect!

I'll end this post with one of Chris' videos. There are several of them that would fit this post, but I'm ending with the one I find most fitting; Shine, because that is what Chris is doing. He's stepping into the light, from spending a lot of time in the shadows, to Shine. And let's be honest, isn't this a great song! Go, Chris, Go! Shine for you, Shine for Home Free, Shine for the Fries and Shine for your fans (still lacking a name; suggestions anyone? "Chrupps", Chups"?)

Oh, and today is my Birthday so leave a comment about the announcement and the blog post as a gift for me!