Wednesday, 30 March 2016

5 Reasons to Watch

Welcome to my first ever 5 Reasons to Watch Series!

In this series I will simply state 5 Reasons To Watch a certain music video of my choice. The reasons will of course very much be from my personal point of view and taste. The songs, artists and videos can be just about anything, but there will of course be a focus on Home Free's videos, as well as Chris Rupp's videos, but not only. 

My choice for the first video and song is one I haven't been able to stop watching and listening to since it's release almost 2 weeks ago. I actually wake up with this song in my head even if I haven't listened to it the evening before;

Misty Mountain with Peter Hollens featuring Tim Foust

Here are my 5 Reasons to Watch it;

  1. Peter Hollens - is an amazing artist with a spectacular voice and he is considered something of a YouTube phenomenon with his more than 1,3 Million subscribers. He collaborates with a lot of different, mostly independent and YouTube based, artists using his fandom and popularity to spread the music outside of the big labels. Most of the songs he releases are completely a cappella and except for the guest/featuring artist all sounds are made by Peter himself. Everything you hear in this video, except for Tim Foust, is Peter. That's just - wow!
  2. Tim Foust - the voice. That deep, full bass takes me to places I've never been before and it makes me want to go there over and over again. Having heard that voice live, having felt the rumbling all around and inside my body in real life makes me want to sit close by when he sings this. Holy Bass!! I want more of it!
  3. Tim Foust - the eyes. It's like he looks straight into the deepest corner of my soul and funnily enough brings light into it. They grab me, and keep me hooked all way through, and when he's not in picture I miss them. Sorry Peter, but Tim wins this one. I want more of them!
  4. The arrangement - by Tom Anderson - I've heard a few arrangements of this song and this is one of my favourites. It feels full and it satisfies me. It doesn't distract from the song, but enhances it. And even though I want more of that bass I also love Peter's voice and I think the two complements the other very well.
  5. The video - by FifGen Films - no surprise there really, everything they do turns out great and original. What they did with Tim for this video was amazing, they were able to bring out the darkness in him. Fun fact is that Peter's and Tim's parts were filmed thousands of miles apart at different times, in different countries. I wonder if they brought his clothes with them to location?

Obviously, you need to check out the video for yourself to be able to agree or disagree with my reasons. Do you have any more reasons that I haven't listed? (I have limited myself to 5, of course) Do you not agree with any of my reasons? Let me know in the comments below. 


Here's the video;

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