Sunday, 19 February 2017

Home Free Tickets - Fry It Forward

Fry It Forward

As I mentioned in my last post I have two Home Free tickets I will not need. Here is what I am doing with them;

1) This is a regular ticket to the show in Aurora, IL on March 24. The seat is Orchestra One/R 8

Who can get it?

I want to give this to someone you think would love Home Free, but won't give them the time, or the money, to actually listen to them, and certainly not go see them. Maybe you have a partner, a parent, sibling. child, other relative, good friend or even a colleague you think would get blown away by their amazing talents, humour and on key singing. The important thing here is that this ticket will not go to anyone that has seen them or are truly considering seeing them. This person is not already a fan. Do you know anyone like this?

Leave a comment below stating that it's ticket 1, who you want to have it and why.

2) The second ticket is a VIP ticket for Terre Haute, IN on March 25. Seat A 14

Who can get it?

This ticket is for a Fry. I will not give this ticket away, but I will sell to a reduced price. I paid 102 USD for the ticket, I will sell it to you for 60 USD. You will have to have PayPal for the transaction. I would like it to go to someone who has never been to a VIP. Is that person you or maybe another Fry you think deserves it?

Leave a comment below stating it's ticket 2 and why you want it, or why you think someone else should have it.

Leave your comment no later than Thursday 23d of February, and I will draw the winning names during next weekend.

Now, what song would be more suitable right now than "Sold!, by John Michael Montgomery! This is one of my favourite Home Free covers, and I am so happy I got to see it live several times last month! As soon as I start singing it I feel like a pretty lady, and I start to smile! I hope you do the same!

  "Hey, pretty lady won't you give me a smile" 

I hope to see a lot of entries for the tickets! Have fun, spread the Home Free love and always love yourself and your life!



  1. This is so neat! You rock. Fries are special folks!

  2. Hi:) my name is Alyssa Beauchem and I would love the chance to have ticket 2! I have never been to a Homefree concert let alone been a VIP but being able to meet them personally would be a once in a lifetime experience! Thank you for your consideration and I hope whoever gets the VIP ticket treats it like the gem it is:) Much love and Blessings to you and your family! And thank you once again for your generosity:)

    1. Hi Alyssa, thank you for participating! Your name is in my name bucket for ticket 2. Good luck! :)

    2. Thank you:) however I would like for you to give it to Jennifer Thompson, the girl who commented on your Facebook post, she sounds like she needs it more than I do:) I hope it makes her day a little brighter:) Once again thank you for your generosity!

    3. That is very thoughtful of you, however this is a draw and there are currently 4 people other than yourself entered in it, with 3 more days to go, so I can't just give it to her. Do you still want out?

    4. Oh okay:) no thank you, I'll stay in the drawing then:)

  3. Replies
    1. I'll draw it tomorrow Sunday. 😊

    2. I've sent you a PM on Facebook, Alyssa.