Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I Like The Sound of That

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Ok, so now that that's done let's get to the point of this post; Home Free's latest video and cover - Rascal Flatts' "I Like The Sound of That".

I find that there are few things in life that feels so good as when your phone rings and it's the person of your heart's desire on the other end of the line. I think more or less all of us had had that flickering butterfly feeling in our stomachs when that has happened. I know for sure I have. I still get it every time my Sweetie calls or texts me. The reason it feels so good is because we love being wanted by the one we want. It feels good inside, all warm and fuzzy, and that is a very nice feeling. It's satisfying, and I love feeling satisfied in every way I can in life - that's what my life goal is; satisfaction, love and joy.

This song is about all of that. With Austin on the lead showing off his country twang in the most charming, and dare I say flirtatious, way - it's enough to melt my heart once again. I'm not going to go into all the details about the arrangement, but I will mention a couple of favourite moments.

  • First of all Adam's beatboxing - that man just keeps amazing me - is as always just perfect. I love the beats in this song! 
  • Secondly Rob's and Chance's harmonies - how tight can they make their harmonies? Does anyone take bets on it, because I'm not sure they can get tighter than they have been lately. 
  • Thirdly Tim's bass. What's to say about Tim's bass? Impeccable as every other song, of course, but if you listen carefully at 1.17 minutes in, just after second verse started and Austin sang "I love the sound of the thunder rolling" you will actually hear the thunder rolling, or maybe roaring is the correct word here. Holy smokes, Tim! 
  • The last thing I'll mention is the bridge where Austin and Rob switch turns and take over after the other a couple of times. It's seamless, it's smooth, it adds even more flavour to this already very flavour full song. If anyone knows who arranged it please let me know in the comments. 

Mix it and the result will be a fun, sexy and smooth love song sung in a fun, sexy and smooth way.

Now to the video which is probably one of my favourite Home Free videos to date - and they have almost 100 of them on YouTube (btw did you subscribe to their channel - if not click here and do it) - and I love most of them. That is very well done!

This video is so cute and adorable, and it's also funny and goofy - guess which part the Guys of Home Free contributes with? I am so glad these Guys don't take themselves seriously - at all. And I am so glad that they love showing the rest of us how much fun they have, because laughing is seriously good for your well-being. (I believe that between the music and the Guys and their big hearts and humour they could save the world from depression). Anyway, back to the video, this 2 story lines video is set at a high school with the character of a geeky and clumsy teacher that has a clear love interest for the school librarian as the main story. Throughout the video we get to follow them bumping into each other, in slightly awkward ways, in different places at school building the attraction and the interest - both each others and the viewers. I'm not going to tell you how it ends, but this is a smooth love song, so...
The second story line features some of the other teachers at the school - aka Home Free Guys - during the yearbook photo shoot, and I am amazed how these guys can go from singing beautiful harmonies to being hot and sexy men and on to being the goofiest and geekiest teachers - without even changing their outfits! I think the main reason why I love this video is because it truly shows their personalities so well, not exactly, but you can see it between the lines when you add up all the ingredients. Expect a few laughs while watching it.

As I mentioned, this is one of my all-time favourite videos and I really love the song as well. I don't know about the rest of the Home Fries out there - but I think these Guys just keep getting better and better with every video and song they release. I am excited about the new album dropping in September!

What are your thoughts on the song and the video? Did I miss anything of importance? Do you disagree with anything? Let me know in the comments. Share this post wide and far, you have the share options down below, and remember to smile, love and enjoy every day to your heart's desire.
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