Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Thank You From My Son To Me

As you may already know last week was my birthday. You may also know that I have a very talented son who is a musician, a composer and a great piano player. A few years ago he made an arrangement on Happy Birthday to You as my Birthday present, and the following year he did another arrangement of it. Last year he composed a song, and this year he did too.

Now, I am a very lucky person and mother, because not everyone has songs especially composed for them, but I have two. How cool is that??

As you may also know I listen a lot to a cappella music, my son's music is the exact opposite and is instrumental, film score kind of music. I love how I can hear him grow as a human being and a person through his music, and this last song just blew me away.

I also do whatever I can support him on his path to leave his dreams, that means sharing his music with you and it also means supporting him on Patreon. I will also ask you to consider supporting him if you like what you hear. I would love for him to be able to focus on his music full-time without having to worry about money coming in. He is too good not to.

Honestly, any young man that honours his mother with a song like this should be helped in any way possible to follow his passions.

So, please, listen to the song called Thank You, consider supporting him, on Patreon and/or by sharing the song. The song will very likely be one of the tracks on an upcoming album.

And now I proudly present my son, Robin Lindberg! I hope you enjoy!


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