Tuesday, 3 March 2015

8 Reasons To Watch Home Free's Thinking Out Loud/Let's Get It On Video

I was going to wait a few days with this post, but I am just so excited about this new video and cover mash up that I had to write it now. And when I have written something, I need to share. Why wait?

I first got access to this awesomeness on Friday when it was released to us Patrons, and I fell. Hard. To me, this is perfection! I have not stopped listening to it and watching it except for sleep and work. I have been waiting for days now for it to get released to the public, and finally; here it is!!

I absolutely love this! I just.... love it!! Love, love, love it! Did you get that I love it?

So, what exactly is it that I love about this mash up? Except that it is Home Free.

I broke it down in parts to help you see better;

1. The main song used is one of my favourites at the moment, the sweet, loving tune by Ed Sheeran; "Thinking Out Loud" (I shared another mash up where that song is used in this post here), and Marvin Gaye's sexier and rawer "Let's Get It On". I shouldn't have to say more than that to make you want to hear it. For real!

2. This song is just under 5 minutes long and the video is shot in one take. I think it's very cleverly done with a good mix of letting us see the Guys of Home Free as well as a story of a couple's first date. It's cool!

3. Bass singer Tim Foust is known for his crazy 5 octave range, and he uses it all in this song. Seriously, you need to have good bass in your speakers or headphones to get how low he can go. In this song he will impress not only with his low notes, but also with his high notes. Unreal!!

4. Austin Brown, the lead high tenor, is killing this. It's amazing, it's soul full, it's soft. It feels real. And he's wearing a jacket that only he can pull off, because that's who he is. Unique!

5. The couple in the video is adorable. They are played by husband and wife, Reilly and McKenzie Zamber of The Hound + The Fox that I shared in my latest Music Sunday post. Check them out! It's cuteness overload!

6. FifGen Films, is the production company that pulled off doing this one take video. Reilly and McKenzie are not only acting in this video, and have their own musical career, they are also a part of this team that has shot most of Home Free's videos since last summer. This video is one of the eight Home Free videos they shot in eight days in February. Crazy!

7. The Guys. Well, there's not really much else to say than HOT! I'm sure every girl can find a favourite among the 5 of them. Take your pick!

8. The musical arrangement. It is brilliant. It is sweet. It is hot. It is amazing. It is by Tim Foust. Foustastic!

There you have it! I'm sure I will find more things to say about it as time goes by. But this will do for now. What do you think? Are you ready to watch it yet?


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  1. Nice write up, you covered it all! This is video is...well, you just have to watch it to understand!