Sunday, 15 February 2015

Music Sunday

It's Sunday. I love Sundays here in Southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, because (more or less) all the shops and supermarkets are closed. The only places open are restaurants and bars. Sundays are days of leisure, of resting and of catching up with yourself and your family. Some people find this stressful, but I think it's fantastic, and I think it should go back to being this way everywhere. There's too much stress in the world today. To me Sundays have become a day of nurturing my inner peace. And I think we all need more of that.

Anyway, one of my all-time favourite films out there is Pitch Perfect, and as most of you know, there is a sequel coming in May. Until then, we can all re-watch and re-listen to this video and song. This video speaks to me, as it is about following your heart and dreams, it's all about nurturing yourself.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! I'll see you next week!

Here's Cups (When I'm Gone) with Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect.


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