Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Gift From a Fry

On the bus home from work today I was contemplating what to write here today. I have a few ideas to choose from, but I was in a slightly bad mood as it's freezing cold today, so none of my ideas felt right. It's really, really cold. In my mind played the idea of something called When Hell Freezes Over, because that's what it felt like. The post in mind was a rant about things that annoy me, like being cold, and annoyed. Being annoyed annoys me a lot. Like, A. Lot!

I got off the bus and checked my mailbox. Usually there's nothing fun in it at all. It tends to be filled with flyers, and letters from the bank. But today there was a handwritten brown letter from the States. The name on it said the name of one of my Home Free Home Fry Friends, or Frie(nd)s.. All excited I opened it up and took out a small envelope with my name on it, inside was a card with the words "Thinking of you" on the front. This is what it said on the inside:

It sure put a big smile on my face!! A BIG smile!

I reached into the brown envelope to take out what else was in there. It was a Home Free Bottle Koozie, you know like a warmer/cooler for bottles. This one;

Yaaaay, I got a Home Free merchandise!! Of course, I already have my Home Free Travelers Mug (Best Mug Ever!), but more is always better when it comes to Home Free Merch! Obviously!

And then, then I turned the Koozie around. And I swear my heart stopped for a split second, because THIS is what I saw;

Yup! It's AUTOGRAPHED!! By all the Guys!! For real! (Please insert time for fainting right here!) Told you these Guys make you a total fangirl!

Seems silly to you? Just imagine getting the autographs of your biggest idols.

As I came inside I obviously Thanked my amazing Fry Friend right away, and while messaging back and forth with her I got an email from Patreon with the link to the Home Free Patron exclusive song, for reaching another milestone.

All in all! This day is now called When Hearts Defrosted! This gift means so much since I have no idea when I get to see them in real life. This will certainly help me until then.

Thank you again, Linda! You rock!

Home Fry Carina, a grateful fangirl

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