Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's Girly Night Day!!


Now, what does that mean? Girly Night Day? It means exactly what it says. Today is the Day of my monthly Girly Night with my friend C. My friend D will sometimes join us too, as well as our friend E. C and I started this tradition just over 2 years ago, and I think there has only been 2 months in total that we for different reasons have not had it. 

So, what do we do on our Girly Nights? We take turns hosting it, and whoever's house it is at will be in charge of the planning of it. The planning consists of what food to eat, what films to watch and what face/hair masks to do. Regulars on our Girly Nights are pajamas, warm comfy socks, foot baths, no make up, no alcohol, and lots and lots of popcorn with a lot of butter (real butter, of course) and salt. 

As the attendee of a Girly Night all you have to do is put your pajama on, take your socks with you, and try to walk over the yard to the next door building without being seen by any of the neighbours, because, well you're in your pajama and you could get some strange looks if spotted, and once you're there; relax and enjoy. 

Let me tell you, it is absolutely AMAZING! We usually watch 2 films, chick flicks, chosen by the hostess, we have seen films we have cried of sorrow and of joy to, we have laughed and we have swooned (Magic Mike, this is the only film we have watched on more than one occasion). 

We always do a face mask, all natural from real food ingredients, and a hair mask, also with only real food ingredients. And we eat some nice food, before we dive into the popcorn bowl. The BIG popcorn bowl. We have warm baths for our tired little feet before we put our warm socks on.

The morning of Girly Night I always wake up with excitement, because I know this day will end in a perfect way. Most of my days do, but this way is on top 3 of my list on great ways to end the day. 

The morning after Girly Night I always wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

One of my favourite films of all time is Girls Just Want To Have Fun, with a young Sarah Jessica Parker and a young Helen Hunt. And I sometimes still have a crush on the guy in it. I've probably seen that film a hundred times over the years, and it feels fitting to share the title track by Cindy Lauper. 

PS! Check out the hair dos!


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  1. How fun! Sounds incredible! Enjoy your special time with great friends!