Sunday, 19 April 2015

Music Sunday

Today I'm sharing something I think most of you have probably seen before, but it is worth seeing it again. Not only because of the absolutely amazing voice, but because of the reminder that we shouldn't judge people by their looks. What I like about this clip is not only Susan's singing, but the reaction from the judges and the audience when she walks out there, and how she sort of puts them all in the corner of shame without even realising it.

This video makes me smile and cry, and it makes me think about how judgmental most of us are, even when we try not to, even when we think we aren't. I think most of us need to try harder. I know I do. I don't see myself as a very judgmental person, quite the opposite really, but from time to time a catch myself thinking something about someone, only by the way the dress or look. I think we all do, but it doesn't make it ok. Just think twice, and remember that you don't want to be judged that way.

I hope you are having a great Sunday, mine is almost over, but it has been a nice one.

Love each other, and love yourselves!

And sing! Singing helps!


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