Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fiction; The Cold

The wind coming from the mountains is icy cold. It’s the kind of cold that creeps in under your clothes, skin, and even your bones, all the way into the deepest bone marrow. I can feel my teeth pressing against each other and my jaw clenching. I know I’m supposed to relax, but anybody that has ever been cold knows how hard it really is to do so. I try every now and again, but it only lasts for a minute or two. It’s nice during those minutes I succeed, though, especially when it’s long enough for that fuzzy feeling of warmth to start spreading inside, but afterwards the cold is even worse. Or at least that’s how it feels. Unfortunately it never stays long enough, before it’s gone and the cold is back again. It's a good thing I've found other ways of getting that feeling of pleasurable comfort and warmth inside.

Today is a good day, because someone bought me a big cup of steaming warm cocoa, and a warm and freshly baked baguette. I even got to choose what toppings I wanted! I chose cheese, chicken and sweet chili sauce. It was like heaven, and the smells from it were heavenly too. I still have half of it, but it isn't warm anymore. Still, it will be very enjoyable and tasty when I eat it. Eating a cold baguette gives a completely different feeling than eating a warm one. Both are equally delicious, just different, even when it's two halves of the same baguette, or sandwich.

The nice young lady also gave me a blanket to help keep me warm. She had nice eyes, the girl, caring and warm, and her sweet, loving smile showed in them. Her name was Caroline. I called her Sweet Caroline, like in the song. She laughed and smiled and looked me straight in the eyes. Not many people do that. I guess they are afraid of their own guilt. I get it; I used to be one of them. I would rush passed the homeless people and the beggars trying my very best not to have them catch me even glance at them, out of fear that they would make me feel ashamed of myself, and remind me of how ungrateful I was of all the good things I had in my life.

I sigh. That was then. Now, I am grateful for the small stuff in life, like that cocoa, or Sweet Caroline’s smile, and her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes that went so well with her long, blond hair.

Sweet Caroline, duh duh duh”, I sing to myself as I think about the fear in her eyes when I put my hands around her neck. Oh what a thrill she had been! I close my eyes as I remember her realization that she was about to die. That is always the best part; to see their light first go on, only to go out for good a few delightfully pleasant seconds later. The thought of it alone makes me feel all warm and nice inside again, and this time I know the fuzzy feeling will stay with me a lot longer. That’s the second best part of it; it protects me from the cold. As cold as she is right now; or her body is; Sweet Caroline will keep me warm for a very long time.

Sweet Caroline, duh duh duh”.

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  1. Wow, I was caught off guard on that one. Other things were running through my head, but not that! Love it!