Monday, 7 December 2015

VoicePlay Medley

This blog post will not be about Home Free (say what?) even though they have got a fantastic new video out. I will write about that in another post coming to your home soon-ish.

No, this will not be a post about Home Free, but it will be about A Cappella, and more specifically about my second favourite A Cappella group. (Sorry Boys, but my deepest love is for Home Free, I just can't help it). This group was also on the Sing Off the year Home Free was, and they were my runner ups then too. Well, not at the exact time the show aired because I didn't watch it until like a year later, but you get my drift.

This group also consists of five guys, and they are also very funny, and cute in their own different ways. And they can sing with great harmonies, they have a great beat boxer with his own personality, and they have an amazing bass singer. So, basically they are like Home Free, but they are not because their personality and dynamic is completely different, but still great. And they don't do country, although they do do a great Elvira live, and Home Free's version was an arrangement by one the boys in this group..

I'm not going into any details about these guys or this group right now, I'll get to that eventually, I will however share some of my favourite videos with them, because just as Home Free they are producing videos as often as most people change their underwear, Well, maybe not quite that often, I just couldn't think of anything people do once or twice a month or so.

Oh, by the way, they are called VOICEPLAY!! Remember it, because you'll hear more about them.

  • This first video is one of my favourites, and it is a collaboration with Rachel Potter (an amazing singer) on The Phantom of The Opera. Of course, I'm loving this even more because I actually have tickets to see the Phantom when I'm in London in January. 

Here is the Phantom A Cappella Style,

Did you get goosebumps? I sure did.

  • Next up is their latest video. It's perfect because I've always wondered what I would or could give a Wookiee for Christmas,. Haven't you?

What can I say? Not a huge fan of Star Wars, but this had me laughing out loud. And how about those sweet harmonies?

  • VoicePlay has a video series they call ACA TOP 10 where they do a medley of their top 10 favourites on a certain theme. They are all great, but this one is my favourite. Maybe because I like musicals. 

Which one is your favourite? I can't even pick just one, there are just so many great ones.

  • Christmas is getting closer, and today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent. I put my Christmas Tree up tonight and well, I just love the bass in this version of White Christmas. Seriously, just listen to it. 

Are you blown away yet?

  • Last, but certainly not least, is VoicePlay's "Come join us on Patreon"-video. It's funny, and after you watched it you should head over to Patreon and support them. 

I'm still laughing. Aren't these boys great?

I promise you I will give you more posts about VoicePlay, because they are just that great!

That's it for today. It's just gone midnight here and I've got a busy week ahead of me, but a week filled with fun, friends, great music, laughter and 2 Christmas dinners! Oh, and some work and writing, but that's mostly fun too.


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  1. Voiceplay's my #2,too!*A favor? W/my email probs,would you post HF's CD stats on their FB?They're charting again! Billboard-posts only top 25 country/top 50 holiday,but per Roughstock:
    BB Country albums..CE DLX:#31
    ITunes Country.....CL:#82, CE DLX:#42, Christmas..FOC DLX:#14
    Amazon.............All 3 charting, audio cds & mp3s
    They'll be happy w/this info! Thx much & Merry Christmas! :)