Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas Is Coming - Bearing Great Gifts

First Gift For Christmas this year! I got a job! Well, another job, a job I will do on the side of my regular job, but a job I am sure I will love doing in a lot of ways. You see, I got a job as a freelance content writer! Yay me! I am so excited about it  and can't wait to get my first assignment. I am actually going to get paid for writing! Well done, me! It won't pay all that much, but it will be enough to cover my Home Free addiction and then some. The important thing to me is that I will be writing, and I will make money doing it. How cool is that?

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. This is the day we start putting out and up our Christmas decorations. Most people do a little bit now and then the rest just before Christmas. I do it differently every year depending what I feel like doing. This year I put some of it up today and I will do some more next Sunday.

Another thing we do this day is to light the first out of four candles and then one more candle will be lit every Sunday for the next three until all four candles are shining brightly, and that Sunday will be Sunday before Christmas.

I did some baking today, I made Lussebullar, or Lussekatter as they are also called. They are sweet saffron buns that we only have this time of year. The Swedes are quite traditional in their Christmas food in the way that we have a lot of dishes we only make or eat at Christmas time, but some we have for other holidays too. That's one of the things I love about the Swedish Christmas, the food. It is lovely and very tasty, and the fact that only get to have it for Christmas makes it even better. And it helps make Christmas more special too. I will have Christmas dinner three times this year, as most years. The first will be with my office. We always have a nice Christmas smörgåsbord (spread, smorgoesboard) every year at some nice place. The night after we will have Christmas dinner together with our friends, this will be the fifth year we have it, We take turns at their house or our house, and we cook half of it each. We do Swedish Christmas food because she is part Swedish and our bf's love it even though they are British. It is always a great night with a lot of fun. And then of course for Christmas Eve when we celebrate our Christmas. The rest of the holiday will be devoted to left overs.

I ordered some gifts for myself for Christmas. I have been looking at and wanting a t-shirt and a hoodie from the Home Free Store for quite some time now, but with the price for the shipping I didn't really find it price worthy and important enough right now, especially with the trip to the UK coming up in January, but as they put them both on sale for Black Friday I took the chance and ordered them both. Happy days! Keep your fingers crossed the sizes will be good for me. It is very different sizes in the US compared to here.

Tuesday is the 1st of December and that day kicks off the advent calendar counting up to Christmas Eve, and so I'm thinking my video for today should be one with one in it. This is a Home Free Original, written by Tim Foust. If you haven't seen it before make sure to have your tissues ready to wipe your tears away. Here's Full of Cheer!


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  1. The joy it gives you, you were meant to write!! Good luck w/the new job! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year-then you'll see the BOYS!! Btw, my new fav. thing: I went from Country-Pella to: TALL-CAPPELLA!!
    Apropos?! :)