Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Spreading Health And Love

Yesterday the Norwegian side of the company I work for started kind of a campaign together with an organisation that raise money for cancer research and for helping cancer patients to a better life while they are sick. Since the Norwegian Customer Service is set in the same building as we (the Swedish Customer Service) is and we do most company related events together it was decided that we get to join them.

The way it works is that we, the co-workers, exercise and we log the activity that gets turned into points (based on the activity, the length you do it and the intensity you do it with), and the points then turn into money. The money we raise our company will donate to the organisation.

We are also divided into teams, department wise, that are competing against each other. The campaign will be going for a year. How cool is that??

I think this is a brilliant idea! It will inspire us to move and exercise more, as well as do good for people that are sick and maybe, in the long run, help prevent people from getting sick, also the company will have healthier and happier people working for them. It's a win-win-win-win-win!

I have been trying to find the inspiration to exercise more. I like exercising, but I also like being lazy and I always have a problem finding the right balance for me. I don't like it when exercising takes over my life, but if I don't exercise enough I will get bored and stop doing it. This will certainly help me. It will especially help me on those times and days when I don't really want to walk home from work (it's a 45 min walk); I will think about the good it will do for others, when the thought of what good it will do for me is not enough, and the chance of me actually walking home will be higher. In the weekends it will help get my bum up on the roof to do some rowing, at least when it's cooled down a bit. Yes, I still have the rowing machine I bought back in February and I still love it. It's just very hot up on the roof terrace this time of year so the only time of day or night I can use it without dying of heat stroke is at like 4 am, and I am asleep then. Most of the nights anyway. And even if I am awake I will not exercise. That is crazy.

This week I am walking to work early in the mornings ( I start at 7am this week so  I leave home at 6am), and today I walked home too. Next week I work late so I finish at 10pm and will be walking home, And, of course, I am listening to Home Free when I'm walking.

Are you doing anything to help less fortunate people (it can be a smile at someone homeless or lonely, or donations or anything in between) or to help yourself keep healthy and happy?

I try to remember to smile to someone I don't know every day, I try telling at least one person a day something nice about them and I say I love you to my boyfriend and son at least once a day. Every month I donate some money to different organisations, and I say thank you to the bus drivers or the person behind the till in the stores. All this doesn't only make them feel better, it makes me feel better, and it helps me have a smile on my face most of my day, every day. But the most important thing I do is to do what I can to find the silver lining in any situation. I tend to sometimes forget myself, especially at work, and when I do it will always make me feel worse which kind of works as a reminder to smile and be positive again.

I've been having this song in my head all day today so naturally I have to share it. And, well, it makes me smile so hopefully it will make you smile too. Actually, I find myself using it when I need to get back to being positive when I've lost my way. Do you have a way of getting back on track?

Smile at someone you don't know today! It's healthy!


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