Sunday, 9 August 2015

Music Sunday

It's been a long time since I did a Music Sunday post, so I figured it's about time! Right!?

Back in February I shared the amazing mash-up of Thinking Out Loud/I'm Not The Only One with Sam Tsui and Casey Breeves. I fell deeply in love with Casey's voice the first time I heard it, especially his lower range, and have been following him ever since and yesterday he posted a video with another collaboration that blows my mind and speaks to my music heart. This time it's with the 2014 winners of Britain's Got Talent, the music theater boyband Collabro. Collabro is 5 guys that have backgrounds in music theater. When they had their first addition for BGT they had only been singing together for about a month, but they blew the judges away, because boy can they sing and build a song up. You will most certainly hear more about these guys in the future. They are still young and I am sure they will evolve and grow over the years to come.

The song they are singing with Casey Breeves is a cover of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love. There are 6 guys and a grand piano, and it will give you goosebumps. Collabro's second album, Act Two, was released in June and it is filled with goodies if  you are into music theatre songs. I know I am!

Collabro have a lot in common with Home Free; first of all they won a televised talent show, they are five guys that can really sing, their songs are built up with their voices and harmonies (although Collabro also uses instrumental backgrounds), their fans are passionate and range from the young ones to the elderly, they share an obvious love and admiration for each other, they seem to be honestly impressed when one of the others sings, and they don't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with each other so there is no obvious front person - they take turns.

They are touring the UK next spring, and if I get the chance I might fly up there to catch them live.

I'll share three videos with you today. First out is the one already mentioned, the collaboration with Casey Breeves - Make You Feel My Love;

Here's their first audition for BGT, I swear I get tears in my eyes watching this;

This third video is a live video from Symphony Hall, Birmingham, this song is on their new album Act Two; Music Of The Night;

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


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