Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Collection of Guys

Over the last few months I've written blog posts about the guys in Home Free. I thought I'd put links to those posts in one single post, for easy access. So here they are, just follow each link to read them;

Adam Rupp - The Pulse And The Beat

Tim Foust - The Rumbling Bass

Chris Rupp - The Thinking Glue

Rob Lundquist - The Beard, The Whistle, The Voice

Austin Brown - The Soulful Heartbeat

When I first started this series I put a two-video limit to the posts, only because I didn't want to make them too long, but as time went by I started to feel that it wasn't enough. When I wrote the post about Chris I couldn't hold it back anymore, I had to add more than two videos to feature him. So now I feel that the posts about Adam and Tim are not complete and good enough. This is not an all bad thing, though, because it will give me the reason, if ever I need one, to write new posts about them all some time in the future. I honestly can't wait for some time to pass by so I can get to it. 

Which of the posts is your favourite? What did you miss in them? 

Today's video will be a Scotty McReery cover; Feelin' It. It fits because, well, it's summer here and I am feeling it. That is all. 


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  1. Lovely as always. I wish I could elucidate as eloquently as you do. :(