Sunday, 3 May 2015

Music Sunday

Wow, time sure flies quickly! I can hardly believe it's Sunday again, already! I know I've been really bad at posting the last few weeks, I've been lacking a bit in inspiration, but it will turn around soon enough.

Usually on Sundays I post something other than Home Free, but today will be different as I'd like to say something about their latest video, Mom.


Also, today is Mother's Day here in Spain, so it's suitable. My Mom is in Sweden, and Mother's Day is still a few weeks away there, but, hey, I'm a Mom and I'm in Spain so it fits like hand in glove, don't you think!

This song is a cover of Garth Brooks song (2014), which was a cover of a Bonnie Tyler song (2013), which she actually heard someone sing somewhere in Nashville. The song is written by Wynn Varble and Don Sampson. (source; Wikipedia)

So, this is to all Moms out there. I hope you have tissues ready, 'cause it's another weeper.


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