Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Rock Meets Country

Is there a new star rising on the Country Music sky?

Steven Tyler, 67, singer in the legendary, bestselling rock & roll band Aerosmith already is a star on the Rock Music sky, but he just released a music video for the first single off his up-coming album.

The song is called Love Is Your Name and it is different from everything we have ever heard from Steven before. This song is country, but it is kind of a Steven Tyler rock-y type of country, and it is really good. This is not pure, old-fashioned country music; this is tougher, rawer and rockier than traditional country, but it is still country, but it's sung Steven Tyler style.

As a fan of both Aerosmith and Country Music - this is fun.

Love Is Your Name has beautiful lyrics; it's got violins and other fun instruments; and some nice harmonies in it and of course that makes it all country - and it has one of the worlds greatest rock singers, and it works really well together. Fun, fun, fun!

Steven Tyler didn't write this song, Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee did, but he has co-written the majority of the songs on the album which is due to be released sometime during the winter, and it will be all Country Music. This song makes me look forward to it, especially after Steven said in a press release about the video that "This song and video both resemble what the album will sound like." Yay!

Tyler says he has always loved country music, and this is in some ways him going back to his roots, and that is featured in this video, which is said to have many personal elements in it.

One of Steven Tyler's signature looks is the accessory of a bunch of long, thin scarves and in the video we get to follow those scarves. It begins with them being tied onto a mic stand in a big, empty arena followed by a beautiful girl, who is representing Steven's muse, dragging them through some beautiful scenery and scenes representing various stages of Steven's life. There's the cabin where he grew up, Steven as a child, and the pet raccoon he had as a boy living in the cabin,; there is love, family and friends and a lot of gypsy-chicness representing coming from a family that was a touring band. There is also a bonfire which burnt his eyebrows off while shooting the scene.

In an interview for Steven Tyler revealed that he cried when he saw the video for the first time, and that tells me this is right for him. It certainly sounds right to me.

Also, I would love to hear Home Free cover this song. I think it would be amazing.

What do you think?



  1. I liked the song, a lot and I loved the video. Nice job for his first country song and he Steven to it, so that much better. Nice job summing that up!